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Germany National Competition Highlights 2015

am 8. Juli 2015 · von Kelly Burton · Abgelegt in Blog, Blog @en, News, News @en

The 2015 Enactus Germany National Competition, which took place in Mannheim on 18-19 June, was a true celebration of the network and the impact they are making through entrepreneurial action…. Mehr…

We did it – Enactus Munich is World Champion 2013!

am 1. Oktober 2013 · Abgelegt in Blog @en

After presenting our Beeconomy and OneDollarGlasses projects in the opening round of competition, the semi finals and the finals we were finally there: Enactus Munich was announced the world champion… Mehr…

Training in Bolivia

am 3. September 2013 · Abgelegt in Blog @en, Our projects

Today Narei and Jakob two enactees from our team started their journey to South America to set up the first OneDollarGlasses Training in Bolivia!

OneDollarGlasses training in Rwanda

am 5. August 2013 · Abgelegt in Blog @en, Our projects

Today Dominik, one of our enactees flew to Rwanda to start a new training session with the OneDollarGlasses e.V.. We are looking forward for more and more OneDollarGlasses opticians!

2 week training session in Burkina Faso

am 29. Juni 2013 · Abgelegt in Blog @en, Our projects

Today, two Enactees from our team started their journey to Burkina Faso. They will educate 20 unemployed people to become OneDollarGlasses opticians.

Teamweekend with Bayer and Siemens

am 10. Juni 2013 · Abgelegt in Blog @en, Team @en

Last weekend we got the chance to go on a teambuilding weekend with our partners Bayer and Siemens. Those two days were packed with action and workshops, being the perfect… Mehr…

National Cup at BASF

am 30. Mai 2013 · Abgelegt in Blog @en, Team @en

At the National Cup in Ludwigshafen we were able to become „National Champion 2013“ with our presentation. This award belongs to our whole team and every single one who supported… Mehr…


am 17. Mai 2013 · Abgelegt in Blog @en, Team @en

After visiting several lectures at the Munich universities in the past days to tell more sutdents about Enactus we launched an recruting event yesterday. We were happy to inspire more… Mehr…

Regional Cup Regensburg

am 11. Mai 2013 · Abgelegt in Blog @en, Team @en

Yesterday we did not only won the Regional Cup South in Regensburg but we also got the „Enactus Alumni Award for Best Project Idea“ for our project OneDollarGlasses. We are… Mehr…

New website online

am 18. Januar 2013 · Abgelegt in Blog @en, General

Today we are happy to present our new website and domain! Have fun clicking around and learnig more about our team and work.